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Don’t hurt yourself.

I have bilateral stress fractures in my tibia’s and signs of stress in both femurs. Its not fun. I have to use crutches (they need to die) and I’m getting a major upper arm workout from them. 

This just sucks so much. Running is one of the only things that seems to thin out my thighs and I can’t run for a least another 2 months and I’ve already been off for a month an a half. I need some thigh workouts and pronto.

Posted on October/25/2011
Tagged as: workouts, hurt, injuries, stress fracture, tibia, femur, thighs, fitspo, crutches, running,

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I am college freshman and I have, unfortunatly, gained the dreaded freshman 15 (its all muscles though, at least I hope it is). To keep myself motivated I made this blog and I'll be posting my workouts and diet ideas. I have no idea how this works, I'm just trying to get skinny.
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No more love handles
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Hello toned stomach

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